Malaga, Spain AGP/LEMG

Malaga, Spain

ILS 13/ILS 31
ILS 13 glideslope 3.2 degrees

There is significant terrain in close proximity to the airport in all directions except to the SE.

Non-standard speed restriction of MAX 250kts at or below FL120.

Malaga is generally pretty straight forward but can be busy at times when ATC might start to struggle to keep it all organised.
ATC training is a frequent occurrence.

RWY 13

The ILS RWY 13 has a glideslope of 3.2 degrees and a headwind on the ground will often be preceeded by a tailwind on the approach which may make the approach more tricky than it looks like.

There is a slight “dip” in the glideslope before the FAF so be carefull in following the glide before that.

RWY 31

Expect anything from a short-cut onto final to a 20+Nm final during busy periods.


ILS RWY 13 – The video starts around glideslope capture. Note the high ground, hence the 3.2 degrees glideslope.

  1. #1 by Tailstrike737 on 03/12/2012 - 21:23

    The new Northerly runway has now been opened; runway 12 & 30.
    There is an ILS for RWY 12 but it seems that during Westerly operations RWY 31 is the preferred runway for landing and RWY 30 is preferred for takeoff. There are no published approaches for RWY 30.

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