Santorini, Greece JTR/LGSR

Santorini, Greece

VOR 16L/Circling 34R
Offset approaches, narrow runway 30m, turbulence & terrain.

Santorini airport is on the eastern side of the island of Thira, with all significant high ground along the western side of the island. The only obstruction east of the runways is a church on a small hill.

The airfield has two narrow (30m wide) runways; RWY 16L/34R is the primary runway and, although the secondary runway 16R/34L is also marked and lit as a runway, it is normally only used as a taxiway.

Westerly winds may cause considerable turbulence on all approaches.


The PAPIs for RWY 16L are set at a shallower angle than that required for the VOR DME approach. All instrument approaches are offset by varying amounts. When breaking cloud be prepared for the unusual visual presentation due to offset approach, narrow runway and differences in approach angle compared with PAPIs.

Caution: Do not deviate west of the runway extended centreline due to rapidly rising high ground.


All runways only 30m wide; RWY 16L/34R has 8m hard shoulders on either side with the runway lights situated approximately 4m into these shoulders. RWY slopes approximately 1%.

All runways have arrester cables which are positioned 1,640 ft after RWYs 16L & 16R thresholds and 1480ft beyond the thresholds to RWYs 34L & 34R. There is also a jet barrier for RWY 34R which is positioned in the overrun beyond RWY 16L threshold.

-Taxiway and runway markings may be faded and not clearly visible, especially by night.
– holding points may have no signal panels.
– apron may have no stand or taxi guidance markings.

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