Zakinthos, Greece ZTH/LGZA

Zakinthos, Greece

VOR 16/VOR 34
VOR 16 glidepath 3.3 degrees
ATC issues!


Arrivals in to ZTH can be chaotic, as coordination between Athens, Andravida and Zakinthos is unpredictable.


Expect initial descent clearance from Athens Control with late handover to Andravida approach. Late changes of STAR clearance can be expected, with the most commonly used arrival procedures from the west via AKETO.
Onward clearance from Andravida is required before proceeding beyond AKETO. Expect late handover when approaching AKETO, which frequently involves last minute holding instructions, even during periods of light traffic density and good weather.

Despite not being depicted on the STAR, and frequently not specified in the descent clearance, Andravida may be implicitly expecting inbound flights to cross AKETO at 8000ft altitude. Flights not able to meet the restriction can expect to be directed hold at AKETO. If a crossing altitude at AKETO has not been specified it is strongly recommended that flight crews request clarification from Athens and reconfirm with Andravida on handover.


Clearance for a visual approach is normally only available at a late stage of the approach. Andravida Approach is the controlling authority during the approach and when on finals a call may be required to prompt for the change of frequency to Zakinthos for landing clearance.

Some instrument approach descent gradients are shallower than normal but the PAPIs for both RWYS are set at 3°. During the day, it may be difficult to distinguish between the red and white lights of the PAPIs.

Strong winds from most directions may cause turbulence on approach.


RWY 34 – The video starts from about 1000′ on finals for runway 34 after executing the VOR 16 approach.

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