Figari Sud Corse, France FSC/LFKF

Figari Sud Corse

VOR 05/ILS 23
VOR 05 approach offset by 20 degrees, ILS 23 steep glideslope 3.5 degrees. Terrain on final RWY 05.

Figari airport is on the southern tip of Corsica. A NE/SW ridge with peaks to over 4,500 ft amsl lies 4nm North of the extended centre line of RWY 23. The approach to RWY 23 is over a saddle and the approach to RWY 05 runs between two low hills peaking at approx 600 ft amsl. The most significant feature, however, is Mt Caldarello on the centre line 1.7 nm from RWY 05 threshold.


RWY 05

The VORDME approach is considerably offset, requiring a right turn through approx 20° on short finals in the vicinity of Mt Caldarello. The course for the PAPI for RWY 05 is offset by 5° from RWY centreline and with a slope of 3° does not provide standard clearance over Mt Caldarello.

RWY 23

The ILS approach is slightly offset and the 3.5° GP is steeper than normal.

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