Genoa, Italy GOA/LIMJ

Genoa, Italy

ILS 29/Circling 11
ILS 29 steep glideslope 3.2 degrees. Unusual obstuctions (ships) on takeoff & landing.
Turbulence & windshear.

The runway is a strip of reclaimed land with shipping channels to the South and West. Consequently, ships with tail masts in the dock area can be considered as a hazard. RWY 29 threshold is inset due to obstructions in the dock area. The runway is liable to pools of water and flocks of seabirds are common. Coastline lights make the runway lights difficult to distinguish.

Preferential RWY for take-off and landing is RWY 28.


Wind limitations for minimums: It shall be applied a 30% reduction from the maximum demonstrated crosswind component published on the AFM for each ACFT. Winds exceeding 15 KT from northern sectors and 20 KT from southern sectors may generate turbulence or windshear and tail components on RWY THR 10 and 28.
Birds in vicinity of APT.
Ships up to 171′ may obstruct.


RWY 29:

Both the ILS approaches and the VOR/DME approach have steeper than normal glideslope angles of 3.2 degrees.

Circling approach to RWY 11:

PAPI compulsory for circling apch Rwy 10 by NIGHT. PAPI obstacle clearance sfc (OCS) penetrated by terrain beyond 8000m from THR 10. PAPI not usable beyond D4.0. Coastline lights may make the RWY lights difficult to see. Request ATC to increase lighting intensity.


Confirm with ATC that the take-off area is clear of shipping.


Between 2300-0600LT it is compulsory for landing ACFT to use the available RWY length to reach the parking area, except for ACFT with landing performance which allows a shorterrun without using reverse thrust.

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