Grenoble, France GNB/LFLS

Grenoble, France

ILS 09/Circling 27
Terrain, circling approach with prescribed  flight tracks.

Grenoble airport lies in an E-W valley in the foothills of the French Alps which lie to the southeast of the airport. To the west is the Massif Central. High MSAs are therefore a feature of the descent and approach.


The inbound routing from the North is normally to VNE VOR, thence to feed into the ILS for RWY 09.


ILS to RWY 09 is the only instrument approach. Circling to RWY 27 is to the south of the airfield only and is not permitted at night. For all aircraft types, circling is approved using the appropriate minima and Prescribed Flight Tracks for the aircraft category and speed.


Taxi with caution, especially on corners, due to taxiway width 20m.


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