Izmir, Turkey ADB/LTBJ

Izmir, Turkey

ILS 16L glideslope 3.1 degrees. LOC restrictions on ILS 16L.

Adnan Menderes airport lies 7 miles inland from the Gulf of Izmir in a valley with significant high ground on all sides apart from the sector from the airport to the coast. The highest ground rises to 4954 ft amsl 10 NM east-north-east of the field, and the 1000 ft contour lies 1¼ miles to the west. A ridge of high ground parallel to the runway lies ¾ to the east. On this ridge are numerous masts and aerials up to approx 200 ft agl. Izmir (Gaziemir) Airbase lies 1 mile north, north east of the airport. There is intense air activity up to 2500 ft with poor co-ordination between the two airfields. Its runway is parallel to that at Adnan Menderes. North of the Gulf of Izmir is Izmir (Cigli) Airbase. There are two VOR/DME’s in the area, IMR to the west of the airport and MEN on the airport.


Radar vectors towards final may be given prior to passing the IMR VOR. It is essential that heading and altitudes offered by the radar controller are closely monitored. A choice of missed approach procedures is published for Rwy 34. Procedures involving a right turn in the missed approach require the aircraft to be capable of flying a gradient of 4%. Runway 16 straight-in visual procedures are not permitted. For visual approaches to Rwy 34 the terrain to the east would favour a right hand circuit, but the military airbase to the east of the runway prohibits this. Left hand visual circuits are permitted on Rwy 34, but treat with extreme caution due to high ground and obstructions up to 1555ft amsl within the circling area. ATC recommends a minimum altitude of 2200 ft QNH on downwind leg.


Glideslope 3.1 degrees.
Due to mountains LOC unusable outside 25 degrees West from centerline and also unusable after 13 NM beyond 10 degrees East due to non-availability of clearance.


Runway surface does not drain well following rain, giving rise to slipperiness during braking. There is a parallel taxiway to the west of the main runway which may be made available as an emergency runway by day. Arrester wires may be rigged at the end of this taxiway/runway.


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