Keffalinia, Greece EFL/LGKF

Keffalinia, Greece

VOR 14/VOR 32
VOR 14 steep glidepath 3.4 degrees.
ATC. Expect last minute holding instruction.

Kefallinia is a minor airfield located south of Corfu. Coordination between Athens, Andravida and Kefallinia is unpredictable.


Expect initial descent clearance from Athens Control with late handover to Andravida approach. Late changes of STAR clearance can be expected, with the most commonly used arrival procedures via AKETO. Typical clearance would be ASTUS 1G/1P. Onward clearance from Andravida is required before proceeding beyond AKETO. Expect late handover when approaching AKETO, which frequently involves last minute holding instructions, even during periods of light traffic density and good weather. Despite not being depicted on the STAR, and frequently not specified in the descent clearance,Andravida may be implicitly expecting inbound flights to cross AKETO at 8000ft altitude. Flights not able to meet the restriction can expect to be directed hold at AKETO. If a crossing altitude at AKETO has not been specified, it is strongly recommended that flight crews request clarification from Athens and reconfirm with Andravida on handover. Note the middle airspace danger area to the south west of KFN VOR.

VOR 14

Steep glidepath of 3.4 degrees.


For landing on Rwy 32 the last 1500 ft of runway slopes rapidly down to the coast, only becoming visible during the latter part of the landing run.


Expect turbulence on final approach to rwy 14/32 when easterly winds prevail from 050 degrees to 130 degrees at 15 KT or more.
Birds in vicinity of airport.

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