Kos, Greece KGS/LGKO

Kos, Greece

VOR 14/VOR 32
Offset approaches, VOR 14 steep glidepath 3.3 degrees.
“Black hole effect” at night.

Kos airfield is situated on a ridge of high ground which runs down the centre of the island. RWY 32 has a considerable upslope. “Black hole effect” when landing on RWY 32 at night with no approach lights. Expect turbulence caused by the undulating terrain in the vicinity of the airfield.


Unusual visual perspective on approach to both runways due to significant rwy slope. The effect is further compounded on approach to RWY 14 which has PAPIs set at 3.05° with an approach descent gradient of 3.32°.

VOR DME approaches to both RWYs are offset by 4°or 5°. In all but calm conditions, due to the nature of the surrounding terrain, unusual wind effects may be experienced especially on short finals and during the flare to either RWY.


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