Krakow, Poland KRK/EPKK

Krakow, Poland

ILS 25/NDB 07

The city of Krakow is 6nm to the E. The airfield is on the N side of a river valley running E-W. There are low hills to the N and S; in particular there are hills and obstructions to nearly 1400ft immediately N of RWY 25 extended centreline. Beyond 12nm S, the terrain begins to rise reaching nearly 3000ft amsl at 18 nm S and nearly 5700 ft amsl at 30 nm S. .


Expect vectors from the W to the N of the airfield for ILS 25.


RWY 07 – Landing prohibited sunset to sunrise.
RWY 25 -Approach lights have a curved vertical profile due to undulating terrain, which gives an unusual perspective on approach at night.


Only the TWY links at the end of the RWY are usable.
Caution – Some lightning installations on the edge of the apron are close to the aircraft stands. Parts of the apron and TWYs are not visible to the TWR. Follow-me is mandatory.


SIDs are not published; climb straight ahead to 2400 ft QNH from RWY 25 before turning. Handover from Warsaw to Prague requires ‘release’ which has to be confirmed to Prague radar on first contact.

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