Lanzarote, Canary Islands ACE/GCRR

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

ILS 03/VOR 21
Terrain & turbulence. EGPWS warnings possible during VOR 21 approach.

There is significant high ground in the quadrants from W to N to NE. A tailwind landing on RWY 03 may be preferable. There are two VOR/DMEs named ‘Lanzarote’.


RWY 21

During the final visual segment, EGPWS Terrain warnings or cautions are possible. It should be noted that the extended centreline passes close to a 1017ft spot height just inside 5nm, and close abeam a 1569ft mast at approximately 3.5nm.


Visibility and cloud base experienced on the approach to RWY 21 may be significantly less than reported. Marked windshear is possible with winds between N and NW. As with the other Canary Islands, relatively calm wind conditions during the approach can be suddenly replaced by descent into the usually brisk NE trade winds giving sudden increases of 20 to 25 kts.



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