Marrakech, Morocco RAK/GMMX

Marrakech, Morocco

ILS 10/Circling 28
Terrain. ATC.

Marrakech airfield (elevation 1545′) is to the south-west of the city and has significant high ground to the south and east, however none lies within 6nm of the airfield. Be alert to variable ATC standards.


RWY 10

Preferred RWY for landing. Expect a procedural or visual approach. Be aware of the difference between the ILS (MAR) DME and VOR (MAK) DME. The MAK VOR is situated 2.7nm from the threshold.

RWY 28

There are no published approach procedures for RWY 28. Circle-to-land minima is now published with prescribed tracks. Do not land on RWY 28 with a tailwind. If RWY 28 landing during daylight is required, expect a visual approach or fly the circle-to-land procedure. If RWY 28 landing at night is required, fly the circle-to-land procedure. RWY 28 PAPIs are set to 2.5°.


TAKE-OFF RWY 10: As soon as practicable turn RIGHT to MAK VOR, then turn to intended course.
TAKE-OFF RWY 28: Climb on rwy heading to MAK VOR, then turn to intended course.

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