Marseille, France MRS/LFML

Marseille, France

ILS 31R steep glideslope of 4 degrees.

Terrain & turbulence.

The airfield is on the eastern shore of a lake with high ground in a sector from the north to the southeast of the field. The ridge to the south (3.5 nm final Rwy 31) can generate severe turbulence with strong northerly winds (Mistral).


There are busy military and civilian airfields at Istres (14nm NW), Salon (12nm N) and Aix les Milles (8nm NE).


Note required climb gradients for both departures and missed approach procedures.
Note non-standard minimum acceleration altitude during missed approach to all rwys.

RWY 13L: Preferential rwy for landing

RWY 31R: The glide slope angle of 4 degrees, with PAPI’s to match, results in high rates of descent. The considerably displaced threshold combined with the steep approach angle make visual assessment of the flare and touchdown difficult.


Rwy 31R: Preferential rwy for departure




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