Milas Bodrum, Turkey BJV/LTFE

Milas Bodrum, Turkey

ILS 10/ILS 28
Steep approaches: ILS 10 3.3 degrees & ILS 28 3.9 Degrees.
Terrain. ATC.

Milas (Bodrum) is situated on a coastal plain between Izmir and Dalaman and should not be confused with the old airport (now disused) at Imsik some 6 NM to the South. The airport is surrounded by high ground to the North, East and South. Although the standard of English spoken by ATC is reported as good, the use of correct phraseology will help avoid confusion. Frequencies can become congested.


Radar vectors may be available to either runway. Particular care should be exercised when accepting radar vectors to runway 28 as there is high ground rising to 4,580 ft just to the North of the extended centreline. Be aware of the possible confusion between reporting points AKBUK and AKSEK.


The preferred landing runway is 10 with an ILS glideslope angle of 3.3°. Note the proximity of terrain during the missed approach procedure. All other approaches are steeper than normal. ILS approach runway 28 has a 3.9° glideslope.


PAPIs are set to reflect the steeper than normal approach paths:
RWY 10 3.3°
RWY 28 3.9°

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