Mugla Dalaman, Turkey DLM/LTBS

Mugla Dalaman, Turkey

ILS 01R/Circling 19L

Mugla/Dalaman is surrounded by high ground to the north and east.


If circling for RWY 19L, do not exceed 4 NM from the airport due to 2051 ft spot height to the west; there is an 820 ft spot height abeam the airfield under the downwind leg which may trigger a GPWS warning. Be aware of significant terrain east of DLM.

When flying circling or visual  approaches to RWY 19L/R, be aware that the DME will read 2.3 nm at the RWY19 thresholds.

VOR DME-3 approach:

• Be aware that groundspeeds above 200kts may generate terrain warnings due to the proximity of several ridges beneath the approach track. Additionally, this will render a stable transition onto finals via a shortened ‘S’ turn onto RWY 19L/R improbable due to excess aircraft energy; in this event, or if adequate visual reference is acquired late, join a right-hand downwind circuit to RWY 19L/R from overhead the VOR.
• Note that the 6 DME point (where the profile intersepts the Cat D MDA), is less than 5 nm from the RWY 19L/R thresholds.
• RWY 19L/R PAPI are not visible from the DAL 330R.

GOING VISUAL: (See video)
ATC will probably ask you to report when visual with the runway which will give you the chance to break-off the approach before reaching the mentioned terrain at 7 DME and to turn onto a right hand base leg.
When inside the 13 DME point you will pass a village on your left-hand side. Around 12 DME you will be able (if visual with the runway) to start the left turn and enter a right hand base leg. Follow the road but stay south of it. This will help to guide you towards a 5 mile (not 5 DME!) finals to RWY 19L.


Runway shoulders approx 40 ft wide are constructed of gravel and loose stones, caution ingestion hazard. Arrester gear cables may be rigged approx 1000 ft from each threshold.


RWY 19L – Preferential runways for departure.
Avoid Greek border approximately 20 nm south-west of the airport.


The video starts while on a right base leg, shortly after breaking off the VOR DME-3 approach around 12 DME, and clearly shows the road that can be followed in between high terrain until turning finals rwy 19L.


RWY 19L with text commentary

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