Nea Anchialos, Greece VOL/LGBL

Nea Anchialos, Greece
Almiros AB

ILS 26/Circling 08
ILS 26 shallow glideslope 2.5 degrees.
RWY 26 upslope.

Nea Anchialos is a military airfield and may be used as an alternate. There is only one parking space available on a small apron, situated at the western end of the southern taxiway. This apron is on the opposite side of the runway to the terminal building.
As with all Greek airfields, subject to thunderstorms at the beginning and end of the summer season. Sea breezes develop in the afternoon resulting in winds that favour the use of R/W 08 for take off and landing.


Routing via UL607 PINDOS, PIKOS expect descent clearance from Athens to FL130, 15nm SEof PIKOS. Further descent clearance will be from Almiros approach to the overhead at 8000’ for a visual approach or cloudbreak procedure. There is a published hold over the AGH VOR min. altitude 8000’ with high ground within 12 nm to the SW. Distance information is also available from ANL on channel 103 (115.6).


There is one runway with two parallel taxiways either side, which at times are used by the military for take-off and landing. R/W 26 has a VOR to CIRC procedure published, which is offset to the left of the runway, with high associated minima. R/W 26 has a significant up-slope, giving the illusion of being high on the approach. Circling downwind, for a visual approach onto R/W 08, can be made challenging by the reflection of the setting sun on the sea. 2.5° PAPIs are available on both runways. Taxiways joining the runway to parallel taxiways are narrow.


SIDs are published for both R/Ws. These have relatively high enroute MSAs. Departures via Skopolos have a radar service provided by Macedonia once outside the Almiros control zone.
Take-off positions are displaced by 120m to avoid jet blast damage to arrester gear.

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