Palermo, Italy PMO/LICJ

Palermo, Italy

ILS 20/ILS 25/VOR 07

Palermo airfield is on a narrow coastal strip on the North coast of Sicily very close to mountainous terrain. Within 2nm to the South of the airfield the ground rises to over 3000ft amsl and to nearly 4000ft within 10nm. Across the bay, 15nm to the Southwest, is a N-S range of mountains up to nearly 3700ft amsl. The PAL VOR/DME situated on high ground 9.5 nm to the south of the field is an en route facility and must not be confused with the airfield VOR/DME when conducting instrument approaches. High ground is not always marked by obstruction lights and it is often cloud-covered when the airfield weather is clear. Thunderstorms are common and strong winds from any direction will cause turbulence and downdrafts on approaches to all runways. It is possible to have winds diametrically opposed at the two ends of the same runway.


The PRS DME may be used to monitor descent. If PRS is not operating, use PAL DME remembering that it is situated in the mountains 9.5nm to the south. Although it may be VMC over the sea, there is frequently cloud over the hills.


Various procedures are available using ILS DME & VOR DME. Beware, false localiser captures may occur. The VOR approaches to RWY 20 are offset.

RWY 02 not authorised for night landing.

Circling approaches:
Not authorised Southeast of the airfield.
RWY 02 & 07 – LH circuit over the sea. Do not extend downwind leg or fly through theextended runway centerline.
RWY 20 & 25 – RH circuit over the sea.

Avoid flying south of the extended runway centreline due to obstructions. In VMC a LH base leg over the sea, if approved by ATC, is acceptable.


RWY 07/25 is 60 metres wide. Taxying at night can be confusing due to minimal lighting plus, the parallel taxiway, which is an old runway, still has the markings of a runway.
Stray cattle may wander onto the airfield and runway.


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