Pisa, Italy PSA/LIRP

Pisa, Italy

ILS 04R/VOR 04L/Circling 22L/R

Pisa airfield is located on the coastal plain of the River Arno in the south west suburbs of Pisa. It is a combined military / civil airfield. Local aircraft are usually controlled in Italian. There is mountainous terrain to the north. More importantly, there is high ground to the north-east, which rises steeply to 3,478 feet and affects the approach to RWY 22 and take-off from RWY 04. There are no instrument approaches to RWY 22L & 22R, only Circling Approach available for RWY 22L.
RWY 22R/04L is normally used as a taxiway.


Milan Control may hold aircraft high, due to conflicting traffic.
With a tailwind of 10Kt or less, expect RWY 04R for landing and RWY 22L for take-off.
ILS 04R may have fluctuations.

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