Plovdiv, Bulgaria PDV/LBPD

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

ILS 30/VOR 12

Plovdiv Airport lies NE and parallel to a significant mountain range. A 1000′ contour line is 2 NM south of the airport. Circling is not approved SW of the runway. The airport is surrounded by Danger Areas. ATC has monitoring radar, but no vectoring is given. Procedures using QNH Altitudes in Feet are available on request.


ILS DME to Rwy 30 uses a teardrop to the S. The outbound leg passes very close to the highest charted obstacle. VOR DME to Rwy 12 is a racetrack procedure to the S with several step-down points. The outbound turn from PDV VOR requires a max IAS of 205 Kt, to ensure that the radius of the initial downwind turn is kept to a minimum. During GA do not cross a line 4.3 NM NE and parallel to the runway. Going Around from either runway requires max 165 kt IAS. Low level Alt Cap is likely due to initial altitude restrictions. Terrain may generate significant turbulence/wind shear approaching either runway, especially if the wind has a southerly component. Close monitoring is essential. The runway slopes downhill 0.4% to NW and is fairly rough. Runway CL lights are not installed.


Apron space is limited, beware of jet efflux.
Type I deicing fluid only is available, holdover times are very limited. Pilots are recommended to confirm that all critical surfaces have been properly de-iced before despatch.


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