Porto Santo, Portugal PXO/LPPS

Porto Santo, Portugal

VOR 18/VOR 36
Offset approaches.
RWY 36 1% upslope.
Windshear & turbulence.

The island of Porto Santo is some 35nm NE of Madeira with the airfield situated in a saddle in the middle of the island. There is a low hill reaching 807ft amsl 0.8nm W of the RWY. The terrain rises steeply to the E reaching 1,470ft amsl within 0.8nm and nearly 1,800ft amsl 1.2nm to the E. A peak of nearly 900ft amsl is 2.5nm to the SW.


Non-precision approaches only are available to both RWYs. NDB approaches are offset to RWY 36 by 23° and to RWY 18 by 13°. The VOR is situated 1.8nm beyond the threshold of RWY36. Circling is to the W, but beware of low hills downwind.


RWY 36 has an overall upslope of 1% with the majority of the slope in the first third of the RWY. This marked upslope in the first third of RWY 36 gives the impression of being high on the approach.


Due to the unusual terrain surrounding the airport, windshear and turbulence may be expected on the approach, particularly to RWY 36, even in relatively light conditions (>10 kts). Even though the surrounding area may be clear of weather, low cloud can form over the island.

  1. #1 by Tailstrike737 on 17/10/2011 - 12:08

    The first 600m (2000′) of runway 18 has been closed. Runway lights are being installed at the new threshold. Total runway length remaining is 2400m (7871′).

  2. #2 by Tailstrike737 on 01/10/2013 - 10:59

    Update 1st Oct 2013, there are still no runway approach lights or PAPI’s installed on runway 18. Also, with this displayed threshold, the current VOR 18 approach is slightly wrong as it is still aiming to get you to the beginning of the runway. A possible solution is to subtract 0.3 Nm of all distances as per Jeppesen approach, or to add 100′ to the current distances. This will help you to fly a CDA towards the new threshold.

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