Rodos, Greece RHO/LGRP

Rodos, Greece

ILS 25/VOR 07
Turbulence & windshear


Once in sight of the airfield, a visual circuit is usually possible, although care should be taken not to infringe Turkish airspace.
Do not mistake the former main airport of Maritsa, lying 1.5nm to the SE, for Paradisi.
The ILS frequency is the same as Izmir (110.3) and I MEN will code during the descent until quite close to Rhodes.


1) Exercise extreme caution when South or Southeasterly winds of more than 10-15 KT prevail as moderate or severe turbulence and wind shear may be  encountered in the final apch and/or initial climb out areas (mainly RWY 07). More specifically the following phenomena affecting seriously the flight safety are observed:

a) The wind direction and speed at a given time vary along the runway (horizontal wind shear).
b) The wind direction and speed, at a given point of the runway, are continuously changing (turbulent wind shear).
c) Severe turbulence in the final apch, take-off and initial climb out areas.

2) When the South or Southeasterly wind speed increases over 15 KT, landing and/or take-off are not recommended since a severe horizontal and turbulent wind shear may prevail at some intermediate point of the final apch and/or take-off and initial climb out areas.

3) Pilots are urged to volunteer reports of wind shear to DIAGORAS Tower or Approach controllers as soon as possible, so that the pilots of following aircraft can be warned. It is suggested that pilots should report wind shear in the following format:

a) A simple warning of the presence of the wind shear, even if no further information can be given.
b) The altitude or altitude band, where the wind shear was encountered.
c) Details of the effects of the wind shear on the acft, i.e. airspeed gain or loss, vertical speedtendency, etc.


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