Split, Croatia SPU/LDSP

Split, Croatia

ILS 05/Circling 23
Taxi restrictions

Split airport lies on the eastern Adriatic coast with high ground rising rapidly to the West, North and East of the runway. The local weather is good apart from summer thunderstorms. Gusts, windshear and turbulence can be expected on final approach to and climb-out from RWY 05 in conditions of strong north-easterly winds.


The highest 25 nm MSA is 8400ft. Approaches to RWY 23 require caution due to terrain and obstructions. RWY 05 is subject to gusts, windshear and turbulence.


Circling minima above 1000ft aal. Circling approaches are authorized in daylight only. For circling onto RWY 23 both the TRI NDB and SPL VOR must be serviceable. Circling not authorised NW of the airport.


RWY 23 – Preferred runway.

Note the restricted areas to the East and West of the airport.
Taxiing prohibited for more than one acft at same time.



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