Tenerife North, Canary Islands TFN, GCXO

Tenerife North, Canary Islands

ILS 12/ILS 30
Terrain, Turbulence & windshear

TFN is mainly used for domestic services. The island is mountainous, the highest MSA is 14,500ft. Descent below this altitude is dependent on precise knowledge of the aircraft position. Good navigation is essential, the use of weather radar and EGPWS to monitor aircraft position is recommended. The island is exposed to Atlantic winds, which combined with the terrain, can cause up and down drafts with considerable turbulence. On all approaches extra care must be taken with speed control. The high ground is often cloud covered. Cloud tends to roll up over the Northeast end of the runway, although the Southeast end may still be clear.


Circling approaches prohibited to either runway Visual approaches available to either runway, join downwind leg over the sea. DME situated off airport.


Due to steeply rising terrain on approach Rad Alt will come alive later than usual, and decrease rapidly.
False Localiser captures have been reported on approach to RWY 12.


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