Thessaloniki, Greece SKG/LGTS

Thessaloniki, Greece

ILS 16/ILS 10/VOR 30
Terrain & turbulence.
Approach rwy 34 low over sloping terrain, steep approach 3.3 degrees & steep PAPI’s at 3.8 degrees.

A 500 ft contour line lies only 1.5 nm south of the airfield and numerous obstructions within the circling area. During autumn and winter, low stratus or fog drifts in from the sea in the early morning. In the summer, isolated cumulus and cumulonimbus are common. June to August often has strong northerly winds necessitating the use of runway 34 (see below).


Traffic may be operating at Sedes airfield, approximately 2 nm NE of Thessaloniki.


Circling not authorised in sector 344°M clockwise to 102°M. Two VOR/DMEs are available, ensure the correct aid is used.

Runway 34:

• Night landings permitted provided PAPIs are available and EGPWS system is serviceable.
• Establish landing configuration early in order to reduce the likelihood of EGPWS alerts.
• The terrain slopes towards the coast which can give rise to false visual cues.
• A ridge at approximately 4nms and several other close in hillocks may give rise to GPWS warnings if the approach angles are not strictly adhered to.
• Both VOR/DME approaches show a 5.8% descent gradient, this corresponds to approx 3.3 degrees,
• PAPIs are set to approx 3.8 degrees due to obstructions on final approach.

Runway 28:

• No instrument approach available.


Both runways wider than standard.


Emergency Turn Procedures on some runways. In light winds, runways 28 and 34 often give best takeoff performance. Runway 16 takeoff performance can be heavily limited.


The airfield is susceptible to variable and unpredictable changes in wind. More go-arounds than average are recorded at SKG, especially on approach to runway 34.

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