Valencia, Spain VLC/LEVC

Valencia, Spain

ILS 12/ILS 30

The airport is situated 8nm from the coast. A mountain range runs along the coast and the airfield lies in an area of lower ground on the E side of this range. 1nm W the ground rises rapidly to 780ft asl at 3nm. Further inland the terrain continues to rise reaching over 1,000ft asl at 7nm NW and over 4,000ft asl at 24nm W. To the N the terrain rises steeply beyond 10nm reaching 3,000ft asl by 15nm. 5nm SW is a small peak to nearly 1,100ft asl. Early morning fog is a problem particularly in winter and there is a risk of low stratus with E wind.


On final approach to RWY 12, there is a possibility of a ‘Terrain Terrain’ GPWS alert due to high terrain at approximately VLC D7.0. To minimise these occurrences acceptance of ATC clearances direct to 6 mile final or visual approaches to Rwy 12 at night are not recommended. When flying an ILS approach to RWY 12 it is recommended to maintain 3000’ after passing VLN D10.2 until intercepting the glide slope.

When flying the VOR/DME approach to RWY 12 observe the following:
• Configure gear down with landing flap and reduce to final approach speed at or before VLC D8.0.
• Construct additional DME height checks prior to VLC D6.0. Aim to fly an accurate continuous steady rate of descent.


Note the upslope on the initial part of RWY 30. The airfield is joint civil/military. The ground at the airfield is undulating with the civil apron considerably lower than the RWY’s. A large area of civil apron is not visible from the Control Tower.


Ensure adequate terrain clearance departing RWY 30 towards the high ground.


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