Verona, Italy VRN/LIPX

Verona, Italy

ILS 04/Cirling 22
Terrain, special ATC procedures between Apron & Tower

The airfield is situated just South of the Alps and results in a MSA of 9500′.


There are several ILS approaches to RWY 04 which have different missed approach procedures.


ACFT inbound Villafranca must contact in advance VILLA Apron on 131.5 (operational range 35NM) in order to obtain their assigned parking stand. If unable to contact VILLA Apron, ACFT must inform VILLA Tower on 118.65. Vacating the RWY before crossing hand-over point P or K, ACFT will be instructed to maintain listening watch on Tower frequency and to contact VILLA Apron on stand-by set for further taxiing information. Parking stands can be reached via taxilanes PA, PC and PE only (stands 11 to 25 via PA, stands 31 to 44 via PC, stands 51 to 67 via PE). Taxilanes PB and PD are for taxi-out only. If not familiar with actual apron layout ACFT must request information from VILLA Apron. Follow-me service on request.

ACFT must contact VILLA Apron on 131.5 to obtain meteo report and calculated take-off time information. ACFT must obtain information from ramp-agent that they have already been declared ‘ready’ to ATC, before contacting VILLA Tower on 118.65 for start-up clearance. ACFT with start-up clearance will be instructed to contact VILLA Apron on stand-by set for taxiing information. ACFT will be released to Tower only when approaching hand-over point P or K.


The video starts around 500′ on the ILS 04 and clearly shows the terrain to the North of the airfield. Vacating the runway straight onto the apron results in a short taxi time. Be aware of the local ATC procedures!


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