Vitoria, Spain VIT/LEVT

Vitoria, Spain

ILS 04/VOR 22
VOR steep glidepath 3.5 degrees.

Vitoria airport is situated 3NM to the NW of the city, 25NM South of Bilbao. The airport is surrounded by high ground, notable peaks are at 4900ft 9NM to the North, 4700ft 18NM to the West, 4050ft 10NM to the Southeast and 3900ft 13NM to the West. There is a shallow valley extending some 8nm East of the airfield and two large lakes 6 miles to the Northeast. Concentrations of birds can be expected in the vicinity of the airport. The old Vitoria airfield, which is closed, is situated near the town approximately 3NM miles to the Southeast.


Maximum 25NM MSA based on VRA is 9500ft. Holding speeds limited to 210kts.


PAPI’s RWY 22 are set to 3 degrees, note however the steeper descent angle of 3.5 degrees.


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