Zurich, Switzerland ZRH/LSZH

Zurich, Switzerland

ILS 14/ILS 16/ILS 28/ILS 34
ILS 28 & 34 steep glideslope of 3.3 degrees.
Terrain & turbulence.

The airfield is in a shallow valley surrounded by low hills with the Alps just over 30nm to the south.
Jeppesen Airport Familiarisation plates (19-xx series) are available for this airport.


Restrictions within the nearby German airspace frequently leave arriving aircraft “high and fast”.



Note the higher than normal descent gradients for approaches to RWYs 28 & 34 of 3.3 degrees. Due to the high terrain, it is compulsory to monitor 121.5 during approaches to RWYs 28 & 34. Expect severe turbulence on approach to RWY 28 with strong Westerly winds.

RWYs 14 & 16: Preferential rwys for landing during the day, frequently with a tailwind.

Expect radar vectors usually to RWY 14. To avoid EGPWS warnings when overflying the ridge on finals RWY 14 (D4.5 IKL), fly an accurate approach with a stable ROD.

RWY 28: Preferential rwy for night landings.


All rwys are 60m wide – anticipate unusual visual perspective.
See Jepp 10-9 for rwy incursion hotspots. After landing RWY 14, do not cross RWY 28 without ATC permission.


RWY 28: Preferential rwy for departure.
Note required climb gradients for departures.


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