Nice, France NCE/LFMN

Nice, France

ILS 04L/R – Circling 22L/R

The airfield is located on the coast, close to the built up areas of Nice. Considerable bird activity may be expected. Prevailing winds are east to southeast in summer and north to northeast in winter, the runways are orientated due to topography, not the prevailing wind. Visibility and ceiling are greater than 10km and 5000’ for at least 90% of the time with hot and dry summers with occasional thunderstorms. Winter depressions can result in prolonged rain and occasional thunderstorms.
Most arrivals in Nice are made on RWY 04L (about 90%) and for 55% of the time using the VOR DME circle to land RIVIERA 04L procedure. The ILS 04L and VOR DME circle to land SALEYA 22R procedures are operational for about 35% and 10% of the time respectively.
Landings, under normal operating conditions, are made on the North runway (04L, 22R). This runway is 2570m long and both landing and take-offs can be made with up to a 6kts tail wind component.
Preferred landing runway is 04L/22R whilst 04R/22L is normally used for departures.


There is high terrain north of the airfield, 4200ft 9NM NW and NE of the airport, and peaks over 10000ft 29NM to the NNE.


RWY 04L will be in use with tailwinds up to 6 kts. Strong westerly winds can generate turbulence on short finals: the airport states that in this instance RWY 22L may be available for landing. In good weather, expect the RIVIERA circle-to-land procedure to RWY 04L which avoids overflying nearby towns. On the occasions when RWY 04 is not available, the SALEYA circle-to-land procedure is used for RWY 22R. Note the marked high obstacles on the right of base leg; at night, if these marked obstacles are not visible, the procedure will not be authorised.
RWY 22 has a short final descent of 3.5°.
Expect delayed descent clearances and shortened inbound routings.


There are no approach lights for any runway.

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