Salzburg, Austria SZG/LOWS

Salzburg, Austria

ILS 16/Offset VOR 34

The airport is 1,411ft above sea level and the terrain rises rapidly to the west, south and east of the airfield with an MSA of 10,000ft to the south. Note the obstacles and terrain to the north and east which affect the missed approach and take-off path from RWY 16. Winters are cold (average -1°C) and sunny with frequent snowfall from November through to March. Winds are predominantly from the south (Föhn) with mean speeds of less than 10kt, producing good visibility and high cloud ceilings. Westerly winds occasionally have the effect of reducing visibility and lowering cloud base. The river proximate to the final approach path on RWY 16 sometimes causes low cloud and shallow fog.


Expect radar vectoring for ILS RWY 16 or circling approach RWY 34. Preferred RWY 16 for landing and RWY 34 for departure. When landing on RWY 34, aircraft will either be vectored onto a downwind right-hand position, perform a circling approach to the east of the airfield or carry out the VOR DME approach. Caution high terrain to the South.


There is a VOR DME procedure, however lower minima can be achieved by flying an approach to RWY 16 and breaking off to circle. See the dedicated chart for circling approach and circling minima relevant to aircraft category. For both approaches, especially with a wind from the north/north-east, be careful not to overshoot the extended centreline for RWY 34 when turning final; there is an aerial cableway only 3nm south of the airfield. Consider configuring to final approach flaps early to reduce the turning radius. Do not overshoot SI Lctr 156 QDR.

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