Skiathos, Greece JSI/LGSK

Skiathos, GreeceJSI

VOR 02/VOR 20
Short & narrow runway.
Runway slope.

Short runway may restrict maximum landing and take-off weight. Reduced crosswind limits due to narrow runway.
There is high ground to the East, South and West of the airfield. Note the hill rising to 1500ft amsl 2 nm to the NW.
Prevailing wind is light northerly.


If touchdown is anticipated significantly beyond the 1000ft/300m point, go-around.

RWY 02:
• Fly a 3.3° approach, using the PAPIs. Note the instrument approach slope of the VOR DME NDB RWY 02 approach is 3°.
• Visual circuits should be flown outside the offshore islands.
• Pass abeam Tsoungriaki Island (2.6 nm from touchdown) at 920 ft to achieve a 3.3 degree approach.
• Correct visual perspective will appear high due to 3.3 degree approach, narrow runway and significant up-slope.
• The narrow runway perspective coupled with runway up-slope and a slightly higher than normal rate of descent, leads to a tendency to flare late and an increased risk of a hard landing.
• Boats possible on short final

 RWY 20:

• Cross the SKP 300° R at approx 850 ft to achieve a 3 degree approach.
• Correct visual perspective will appear low due to significant runway down-slope.
• There is a possibility of a disconcerting mirage effect of boats and shipping appearing to be at the far end of the runway.
• Shortly after the touchdown zone the runway down-slope increases significantly.
• If touchdown does not occur prior to the start of the significant down-slope (approx 1500ft/450m from the threshold), go-around.


Undulating runway profile. The first 1500ft/450m of RWY 20 is fairly level, then slopes down rapidly. ATC cannot see the first 1000ft/300m of RWY 20. The runway is not grooved. On both sides of the runway a hard shoulder gives the impression of a more normal width runway. Turns at the threshold of RWY 02 must be made in a clockwise direction.


A visual departure from RWY 02 to the north is available from ATC, on request. It requires the aircraft to reach FL 90 by SKP 338°R/15D.

  1. #1 by Dimitrios Simos on 10/05/2014 - 18:14

    A visual departure to the north can take place from runway 02 as follows: after departure maintain runway track, join airway to TSL with the restriction pass FL70 within 15 miles from Skopelos VOR.
    A visual departure to the north can take place from runway 20 as follows: after departure turn left and join airway B1 to TSL within 15 miles from Skopelos VOR with the restriction to pass FL70 when joining.

  2. #2 by biriskyp on 20/01/2015 - 11:54

    Skiathos is one of the Greek airports where an unusual practice takes place regarding PAPI lights. With a verbal order by the maintenance crew, Tower dims the PAPI lights down to NIGHT setting all day long as long as a pilot does not query their status. They do that to conserve bulb life! In this setting you see the PAPIs at bright daylight only on 1, max, 2nm short final.
    If you query their status on frequency, before they even answer you, they switch them to DAY setting immediately and you can see them from 3~5nm out depending on daylight. Many pilots do not query their status when they don’t see them while on final approach because they assume they are unserviceable. So do query the status of PAPI if you don’t see them and there is no relevant NOTAM. This information comes from personal talks with tower ATC where they “unofficially” told me about the specific practice.

    • #3 by Dimitrios Simos on 14/07/2016 - 14:38

      PAPI lights now operating up to 100%.

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