Taba, Egypt TCP/HETB

Taba, Egypt

ILS 04/VOR 22

Taba is located in eastern Egypt, close to the Israeli border. Airfield elevation about 2,500 feet, terrain slopes steeply down to the Gulf of Aqaba which is about 10 nm east. Do not overfly Israeli airspace without express permission. Terrain approaches 4,000 ft about 10 nm south of the airfield, approximately 4,500 ft about 30 nm southwest of the airfield, and approximately 3,500 ft at about 15 nm northwest. To the east of the airfield, in Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia (all of whose boundaries are close to Taba), the terrain rises even higher. Terrain to the southwest of the airfield rising to over 3,300 ft, parallels the approach to RWY 04.


Expect to be instructed to establish two-way communications with TCP Tower on ‘box 2’ prior to release from Cairo Control.


Visual circuits should be carried out to the northwest of the runway to avoid Israeli airspace. Expect to be offered either an approach via the TBA VOR overhead or the arc procedure depicted on the relevant approach chart. If, on arrival, no reliable letdown aid is available, it is recommended to fly overhead the airfield and carry out a visual circuit avoiding Israeli airspace.


During WIP on the main runway, taxiway “A” (width 45m) has been used as a runway, referred to as 04L/22R and has (a reduced) approach lighting system, edge lights and PAPIs. ATC may refer to the main runway as 04R/22L. Ensure that the correct landing RWY is identified.


RWY 04: Avoid Israeli airspace.
RWY 22L/R: At night or in IMC, turn right on track.
Slight tailwind take-off from RWY 22 may improve performance.
Expect to be instructed to establish two-way communications with Cairo Control on ‘box 2’ prior to release from TCP Tower.


ATC services here may be poor and pilots need to remain vigilant.
There is a lit mast (approx 30 ft tall) on the airfield adjacent to the southwest end of Taxiway A. This is not notified on any chart.






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