Addis Abeda, Ethiopia ADD/HAAB

Addis Abeda, Ethiopia

ILS 25R&L/Circling 07

Addis Abeba’s elevation at 7625 ft, located in the central Ethiopian highlands gives rise to high TAS and consequent large radius of turns. Plan with a TAS of IAS + 20%. To the N is a mountain range running NE-SW with a peak to over 10,500 ft asl at 7 nm N and to over 11,700 ft asl at 16 nm. 12 nm W is a mountain to nearly 11,200 ft asl; this is separated from the main range to the N by a high saddle. 8 nm SW is a peak to nearly 9400 ft asl. 10 nm S is a large lake forming a useful landmark. 11 nm SE is a peak to 10,220 ft asl. There is a hill to 8209 ft asl (611 ft above threshold), and higher ground beyond, on RH base to RWY 07 at range 5 nm. It is preferable to turn inside this hill during the visual circuit to RWY 07.


The 25 nm MSA is 13,500 ft which is the commencement height for the ILS procedure to RWY 25. The ILS is reported unreliable, and ATC may give clearances below MSA. There is only a circling procedure to runway 07. The terrain drops steeply on both ends of the runway therefore turbulence and down draughts can be expected. Request RH circuits to RWY 07 to avoid Liddetta aerodrome, the high ground to the north, the city and the frequent low cloud which forms to the N early morning.


Runway 25 has an approach light system with sequence flashing lights and PAPI’s. Expect R/T with poor English. The runway has a pronounced hump at the mid-point.


RWY 07 – Preferential runway

A clearance to turn North after take-off may be offered before terrain clearance may beassured. The ends of the runway are slippery when wet. The ramp has a 1.5% slope down towards the terminal buildings and is slippery. Leaving the ramp will require increased power because of the slope. Treat nose wheel guideline markings with caution. Large birds are a nuisance on the runway, particularly Oct to Nov. The ILS localiser antenna fitted for RWY 25 is supported on a huge gantry, in a gully, just short of RWY 07 threshold and appears to protrude into the flight path to RWY 07. In fact it is only 12 ft above threshold elevation.

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