Barcelona, Spain BCN/LEBL

Barcelona, Spain

ILS 02/07L&R/25L&R

Significant terrain to the N of the airport.


Radar controllers will often vector aircraft away from STAR routings and offer descent below MSA with “good ground contact”.


Complex TWY and RWY layout. Taxi routings may involve crossing an active RWY. RWY incursion hotspots should be identified during briefings. Jeppesen publish standard taxi routes for both normal and LVP operations.

The threshold of RWY 07L has been displaced to allow aircraft to cross underneath the approach path via taxiway S without requiring a RWY crossing clearance.

Ramp congestion is common, follow ATC pushback instructions carefully, as non standard pushback instructions are often issued to expedite traffic flows.


Runway 25R departures are noise sensitive with close-in altitude requirements on certain SIDs


Speed control on final approach is often poor. Monitor distance to preceeding aircraft carefully, as it is common to issue speed control to some aircfraft (sometimes in Spanish) and not others.


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