Bastia, France BIA/LFKB

Bastia, France

ILS 34

Bastia Airport is situated on the Northeast coast of Corsica. It is surrounded by high ground to the west and the approach to RWY 16 is obstructed beyond 6nm by a North/South ridge of high ground. Information concerning activity of the adjacent parachuting area is available by Notam/ATC.

Weather in summer is generally good. Fog or sea haze over the field may occur very suddenly. Expect turbulence in the lee of the high ground when Westerly winds prevail.


When approaching from the West or Northwest, BTA DME may not be received until D30 or less, due to the high terrain.


RWY 34 – Note the Localiser coverage restrictions, due to the terrain, to the left of the front course. Note that missed approach does not account for acceleration segment.

RWY 16 – Either an ILS approach to RWY 34 followed by circle to land to the east, or a VOR/DME approach. Note that the VOR/DME approach is considerably offset and has prescribed circling flight tracks. Note that the PAPI beam for RWY 16 is offset 5

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