Bilbao, Spain BIO/LEBB

Bilbao, Spain

ILS 12/30 & VOR 10/28
Glideslope RWY 12 is 3.1 degrees.
Glideslope RWY 30 is 3.4 degrees.

Visibility is frequently poor due to smog. The airport lies in a narrow valley orientated SE-NW, and is surrounded by mountainous terrain on all sides. The airport is surrounded by unlit masts and power lines. Due to the high ground, thunderstorms can be expected throughout the year but particularly in the winter with winds from the NW.

There are 2 separate RWYs of similar direction.

May not be H24.


Initial descent is made towards the VOR to join the required approach, usually via a DME arc procedure. However at peak times radar vectoring may be given.


Approaches and PAPIs to all RWYs are steeper than normal. Windshear of up to +/- 25kts is frequently experienced from 6000ft to 1000ft agl when winds from 180 to 260 degrees exceed 10kts.

The first 500m of RWY 28 has a 0.8% downslope, and no approach lighting is available

RWY 12 – A ridge with power cables crosses the approach with obstructions to 340ft asl at 1nm from the threshold. Careful handling is required to avoid EGPWS warnings. PAPIs may give misleading guidance.

RWY 10 – also has a ridge of 370ft asl at 1.25nm crossing the approach, again requiring careful handling.


Departure from RWY 30 with a light tailwind may be preferable to using RWY 12.


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