Ankara, Turkey ESB/LTAC

Ankara, Turkey

ILS 03L/R & ILS 21L/R

The airfield has an elevation of 3,125ft, is 15nm to the NE of the city and lies on a plain surrounded by mountainous terrain. Extending to the N and NW of the airfield as far as the Black Sea are mountains which reach over 5000ft asl within 7nm NW, and nearly 7000 ft asl by 30nm N. To the SE of the airfield is a range reaching 5,000 ft asl at 8nm and just over 6,500 ft asl at 14nm. At 5nm SW of the airfield, just outside the RWY03L/R OMs, there is an escarpment to 3,700 ft asl The sudden drop to the plain can give rise to turbulence and windshear.


Cross-check descent clearance against the Radar Minimum Altitudes Chart; unsafe radar descent clearances have been reported.


RWY03R/21L is 60m wide.

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