Catania, Italy CTA/LICC

Catania, Italy

ILS 08/VOR 26
Terrain & volcanic ash contingency procedures

Airport is in very close proximity of Mount Etna and has volcanic ash contingency procedures.

Catania Fontanarossa is on the east coast of Sicily 2nm south of the city.

Mount Etna rises to nearly 11,000ft amsl, 17nm north of the airfield. There is a risk of volcanic ash up to 20,000 ft around Mt Etna depending on wind direction; careful attention to SIGMET charts and NOTAMs is essential.

Be aware that Sigonella military airfield is just 7nm southwest with a runway of similar direction.


Radar vectoring may be expected to either runway, but should be carefully monitored due to the proximity of Mount Etna.


Circling is authorised to the South only. Windshear may be experienced on approach to RWY 26 with strong Westerly winds. It is reported that numerous light/military aircraft use the airfield in VMC.


Contingency procedures for arrivals, approaches and departures are available should airspace around the airport be affected by volcanic ash. See Jeppesen page 10-1P and 10-1P1 for full details.

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