Dubrovnik, Croatia DBV/LDDU

Dubrovnik, Croatia

ILS 12/Circling 30

High ground rises to over 4,000 ft amsl about 5 nm east of the airport, and over 6,000 ft about 10 nm east. Additionally there are obstructions within the circuit area and further high ground to the south east.

Considerable turbulence and downdrafts may be expected in strong winds, particularly northerly winds. Turbulence is most noticeable on approach to Rwy 12 as the ground rises steeply from the coast. Local pilots advise landing on Rwy 30 in these conditions when the wind component permits.


Runway slopes up from both thresholds towards the centre. The northwest end of the runway is on a man made ridge. The ground slopes up markedly to the threshold of Rwy 12.


Rwy 12 is preferential departure runway for noise abatement reasons although Rwy 30 may be better for performance.


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