Goa, India GOI/VAGO

Goa, India

VOR 08/VOR 26

Dabolim is a joint Civil/Military airport; military traffic varies between fast jets, jet trainers, helicopters and large transport aircraft. Haze and poor visibility are common, particularly in the early morning.


Mumbai require confirmation of two-way communication with Dabolim Approach before release.


ILS RWY 26: Terrain to the south slopes with the approach and this terrain appears close.

VOR DME 08: The procedure is offset and in poor visibility, visual acquisition of the runway may be close to minima. The PAPIs are not easily visible and the parallel taxiway stands out more clearly than the runway.


The runway has a significant down slope to the west, is rough and has a slightly raised road crossing causing a distinct “bump” on takeoff and landing.

After landing on RWY 26, expect to vacate at N5 (see below) onto the ‘Military Apron’ to hold at N4 before backtracking to enter the main apron via N2. The military apron can be used as a holding area while waiting for space to become available on the civil apron. Runway end turning circles are not lit.

Caution jet blast: the ramp has been extended and there remains considerable equipment around the edges of the apron.
Congestion can occur at busy times. If both civil and military ramps are full, expect to hold before making an approach.


15 minutes before start, request your Air Traffic Clearance “FIC” (numeric) and Defence Clearance “ADC” (alphanumeric).


Marshalling guidance is from the handling agents, and is often poor.

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