Maiquetia, Venezuela CCS/SVMI

Maiquetia, Venezuela
Simon Bolivar Intl

ILS 10/Circling 28
Terrain & ATC

Terrain rises steeply to the south of the field and there is high ground to the East on the extended centreline of RWY 10/28.


Do not rely on ATC Radar for terrain clearance.
As English is very much a poor second language, standard R/T is essential.


Do not fly south of the centerline when on intercept to RWY 10 – see Jepp 11-1 for instructions if LLZ not received.
“On limits” VOR approaches to RWY 10 require a demanding “S” turn when becoming visual. Be aware of the unusual visual clues at this time which are enhanced by the rwy downslope.

Note the considerably offset approaches to RWY 28 due terrain avoidance.

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