Yerevan, Armenia EVN/UDYZ

Yerevan, Armenia

ILS 09/VOR 27

This airfield has non-standard taxiway widths and is situated in a very mountainous area with SSAs rising to 14,700ft in the north and 18,100ft in the south.


When arriving from Turkish airspace expect the INDUR arrival. The arrival has a height restriction at INDUR (FL 160 or above) which then requires a higher than normal rate of descent to achieve a stabilised approach. The other arrivals have no such descent rate problems.

Although clearances are given in metres, clearances in feet referenced to QNH may be requested from ATC. QNH is available on ATIS, which broadcasts alternatively in English and Russian.


ATS is professional with a good standard of English.
The main instrument runway is RWY 09, which is equipped with ILS.
RWY 27 has a NDB VOR DME approach, which has restrictive minima.


It may be prudent to consider larger flap settings for takeoff to minimise the takeoff roll as the runway is very rough indeed.


The runway is very rough.

Expect to park remote. Be vigilant whilst taxiing as wing tip clearance is not assured on the marked centrelines.

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