Honolulu, Hawaii HNL/PHNL

Honolulu, Hawaii

The airport is located on the S coast of the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands between Waikiki and Pearl Harbour. There is much military, commuter and light traffic. Hickam Air Force Base is located at the W end of Honolulu International airport and reached via several TWYs.


A ridge of terrain to over 2,600ft amsl runs NW-SE and lies about 5nm E of the airport. A further N-S ridge to over 3,000ft amsl is located about 5nm NW of the airport.


RWY 26L has an LDA/DME approach. This is similar to a LOC/DME approach with 45 degree offset from the extended RWY centreline. Flasher lights aid alignment with the RWY threshold in reduced visibiity.

After landing, once clear of the RWY, advise ground of your gate number. This may be available from Ramp/Taxi Control if not known.


Runways 04/22 L/R and 08/26 L/R. Two water RWYs in the bay are referred to as 4W/22W and 8W/26W.

An ‘Informal Runway Use Program’ is in operation. Aircraft on arrival can expect 8L or 26L, with departures on 8R, 26L or 22R/L, depending upon wind. The Jeppesen 10-4 chart also includes specific departure and arrival noise procedures.

TCAS Resolution Advisories may be experienced due to close parallel approaches; consider use of TA ONLY.


Caution wake turbulence when departing RWY 08R, from aircraft landing 04R.


Ships over 200ft high operate in the Pearl Harbour channel only 2nm W of the airport.

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