Mexico City, Mexico MEX/MMMX

Mexico City, Mexico


Airfield elevation is over 7300 feet amsl.
The airport is on a high plateau surrounded by mountains. 25nm MSA’s are very high. Mount Popocatepetl is an active volcano nearly 18,000 feet amsl about 35nm SE of the airport, and directly east of the airport is a further peak over 13,500 feet amsl at about 20nm.


There is a speed restriction of 250 KIAS maximum within 30nm of the MEX VOR and when below 18,000 feet amsl.


False localiser captures have been reported.
05 approaches require 9,700 feet to be maintained until 9.2D SMO, leaving the aircraft high for the final approach.
VOR/DME 05L procedure requires a 3.25° approach angle.

ILS approach to RWY23L followed by visual sidestep to land RWY 23R is common.


The runways are marked left and right in Spanish: “Isterdo” = Left and “Derecho” = Right.
It is reported that some taxiway guidelines give reduced separation, exercise caution when taxiing.

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