Preveza, Greece PVK/LGPZ

Preveza, Greece



There is high ground rising to the South.
There is a hill rising to 480 ft amsl 3 nm to the NE just over 1 nm to the right of the VOR approach paths to RWY 25R.
Surface winds can be strong due to the funneling effect of the hills. Most thunderstorm activity occurs during early summer and autumn.


Expect routing to the PAK NDB or AKT VOR for a visual approach or the VOR approach for RWY 07L/25R.
Circling is authorized to the North of the airfield only.


Rwy 07L/25R (45 m wide): Arrester gear is reported at both ends of the runway. This does not, however, affect the TORA or LDAs.
Rwy 07R/25L (30 m wide) is usually used as a taxiway, reported in poor condition.

No centerline marking on the apron or taxiways. Some taxiways are unsuitable for heavy aircraft. The apron has been extended but the Jeppesen chart does not reflect this. The terminal has limited capacity and only one set of passenger steps may be available.


RWY 25R Preferential RWY.

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