Puerto Plata, Dom Rep POP/MDPP

Puerto Plata, Dom Rep

VOR 26/Circling 08


Puerto Plata airport is on the coast. There is high ground inland reaching over 1,100 ft amsl by 5nm SE and over 4,000 ft amsl by 14nm SW. 7nm W the terrain reaches 2,621 ft amsl. There is a ridge reaching 336 ft amsl approximately 1.7nm SE of the RWY, extending E, and further high ground inland, 50nm SSW with the highest point reaching nearly 10,500 ft amsl.


Inbound from the NE expect clearance direct to PIVEL for a straight in VOR DME instrument approach for RWY 26 or circling manoeuvre to break right joining downwind left hand to RWY 08.
There are instrument approaches to RWY 26 only, due to terrain to the W. Circling is to the N over the sea, and note the phrase “Manoeuvring prohibited more than 4 nm West” equates to approximately 5 DME.
The VOR/DME is located at the centre of the airport and indicates approximately 1 mile at either touchdown point.


The RWY can be slippery when wet, especially the turning circles.
The RWY surface is uneven.
The RWY lights are not particularly bright or conspicuous on approach to the RWY from the E or downwind.
Note that there are no approach lights to either RWY.


Expect turbulence with strong SW to SE winds. Moist trade winds (prevailing Easterlies) encourage convective cloud and rain showers in the afternoon. Hurricanes are rare but possible between June and November.
Between midnight and day-break low stratus is common.

The weather conditions can change rapidly due to the nearby high ground and high humidity.

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