Puerto Vallarta, Mexico PVR/MMPR

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

VOR 04/VOR 22
Steep & offset approaches


Puerto Vallarta is located on the south shore of the River Ameca estuary on the Mexican Pacific coast. It is in a valley with mountainous terrain to the N, S and E of the field.


Initial descent clearance is given by Mexico City Radar with a hand over at about 40nm. Radar vectoring is usually available from PVR approach and must be carefully monitored due to the terrain.
VOR/DME arrivals are via a fix and DME arc.

Note: Maximum 250 KIAS at or below 10,000 ft and maximum 200 KIAS when within 10 nm of the field and at or below 3,000 ft.


VOR/DME approaches to both ends of the runway are offset and steeper than normal (between 3.2° and 3.5°) but PAPIs at both ends are set at 3°.
Rwy 22 is preferential rwy due prevailing sea breezes. Expect 15 DME arc procedure via COMAL, followed by VOR DME 3 approach.
Circling is prohibited south-east of the runway.


Observe the minimum PVR VOR crossing altitudes that are quoted for most SIDs

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