Tahiti, Society Islands PPT/NTAA

Tahiti, Society Islands

ILS 04/VOR 22


Tahiti or Faaa airport was previously known as Papeete, and is situated in the Society Islands, part of the French Pacific Territories. Tahiti airport is situated in Tahiti Bay, and is served by a single RWY, which is 11220ft in length. There is an ILS on RWY 04, and a VOR/DME on RWY 22.
There is high ground over 7,300ft amsl 8nm SE of the airport. The island of Moorea lies about 10nm W of the airport with Mount Tohivea rising to almost 4,000ft amsl, 12nm W of the airport.


Note that not all instrument approaches have circling minima, and that circling is not authorised S of the RWY, and is only authorised when TAF VOR is unserviceable.


Note the start up procedures on Jeppesen 10-9A.


Some SIDs or departures require high rates of climb.

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