Kelowna, BC Canada YLW/CYLW

Kelowna, BC Canada


Kelowna Airport is located in the Okanogan Valley in south central British Columbia. The airfield elevation is 1,409ft ASL and there is significant mountainous terrain in all quadrants with the highest being 8,700ft to the S and SE of the field. The runway is 16/34 which is aligned with the north-south orientation of the valley in that area. The airport is located on the north end of the city of Kelowna and just east of Okanogan Lake


The Kelowna instrument approach procedures have a transition from the Princeton VOR (YDC) or the Kamloops NDB to a DME arc via TOSUS. Vancouver centre will normally clear the flight to proceed direct to TOSUS at 9,000ft and then to Kelowna airport “for an approach”. Ensure that all MSAs and step-down fixes are respected during the descent to landing.


ILS DME 1 RWY 16 has a steeper than normal glideslope angle of 3.20.


Runway is approximately 60m wide with a slight down slope from north to south.

Note should be taken of the taxiway restrictions on Jeppesen chart 11-1.

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