Trabzon, Turkey TZX/LTCG

Trabzon, Turkey

ILS 11/Circling 29
Steep glideslope ILS 11 of 3.3 degrees.


Trabzon is on Turkey’s Black Sea coast; the town is immediately to the W of the airfield. Terrain rises steeply inland with the 1,000ft asl contour only 1nm S of the runway. The terrain reaches nearly 2,300ft by 3nm S and continues to rise steadily reaching just over 10,000ft asl by 28nm S of the airfield.
There is normally thunderstorm activity during the summer months; however most of the annual 21″ rainfall occurs during the winter.


There is no radar facility. The ILS to Runway 11 is the preferred approach with a 3.3 degrees glideslope. The instrument approach to rwy 29 is considerably offset (180 degres) due to terrain and brings the aircraft to 2,300ft at a range of 5nm; this leaves an impracticable 4.7 degrees angle of descent to the 29 threshold.
Circling is to the North of the airfield over the sea.


Both runways are fitted with PAPIs set to 3.5

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